Terms of sale

General Information

As we are a network we do practice different terms for different product lines. Please refer to our Price lists for more information. Feel free to contact us if anything is unclear.

You as the customer are required to check the law in your country regarding the import of plants. Laws change all the time regarding this, with few countries adopting the same practice for this process. We accept no responsibility for any import formalities, however we do guarantee that all export paper work will be processed with every shipment. We have a link to the CITES website on the links page, with this link you can find the contact information of every CITES office in the world.

Please do check the weather in your area before ordering plants, any damage caused by extreme weather will not be covered by us. If you do have a problem upon receiving our plants please email us with pictures within 24 hours of accepting delivery.


Air cargo

Air cargo is by far the fastest way for you to get your plants, in most cases it is a same day service. In many countries, you will need the help of a shipping agent to clear the shipment at your nearest international airport, but it is not necessary in every country. Some countries have a very relaxed outlook to importing plants, where it is just a matter of going to the cargo terminal of the airport and presenting your air way bill and collecting your plants. Please do check the conditions in your country before ordering. This service is not as expensive as many people think. Feel free to contact us for a free quote.


Payment in all cases is 100% in advance. As we deal internationally we do not offer credit terms. Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer.